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A professional electronic cigarette supplier, available for wholesale and retail, with a variety of flavors and a wide variety, we believe we are your best choice.

We are a supplier with 5 years of experience. We specialize in wholesale of disposable products, and our popular product group includes popular brands such as Bang, Elf Box, Stick, UZY, RandM, Doloda Pebble, IGET BAR, and Bullet. We launch new products every week to meet customer needs. We pursue high-quality products and highly competitive prices, and high-quality service and products are our standards

Basic Information
Company Name:

Shenzhen Nine-vapor Technology Co.Ltd

Business Type:
Factory & Trading
Year Established:
Oct 2023
Main Product(s)/Service:
Competitive price;high quality assurance;Rich product variety;diverse taste choices;Professional and meticulous se;Fast delivery speed

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